The data-driven business views data not simply as a source of information, but as a competitive advantage with the power to lift the enterprise above parity by doing more of what matters most. Find your data-driven advantage with Teradata.

Gain Competitive Advantage with a
Data-Driven Business Approach

With more people and businesses transacting and communicating over the internet, data is proliferating exponentially. Companies that capture and analyze data, discover insights, and take action on those insights are better positioned to compete. Teradata solutions enable a new, data-driven economy that transforms commerce and the customer experience for the next-generation of companies that are raising the bar. With more innovative, efficient, and customer-focused solutions, companies can achieve sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging insights that deliver greater value to their customers and bottom line.

Download "The DNA of Business" to learn more.

"The DNA of Business"


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Stop Thinking Small About Big Data

Big data can be a big advantage when you're able to take data from disparate silos and place in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it most. Teradata can help you become a data-driven business so you can ask new questions, find new answers and capitalize on new opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

With Teradata Cloud you can fuel your business with best-in-class Teradata technology on a pay-per-use basis and take advantage of industry experts, just like some of the biggest businesses in the world. Learn more >>

Get a different perspective on big data in our report, "How To  Stop Small Thinking From Preventing Big Data Victories."

"How to Stop Thinking Small About Big Data"


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Drive Better Marketing with Better Data

Nearly half of all big data solutions are deployed by marketing departments, but not all of those solutions will lead to better marketing results. Teradata helps companies analyze big data and see the big picture, so marketing departments know more about customers and do more of what matters to achieve higher results.

To take your marketing to the next level, read "Using Data to Drive Results: Exploring the Power of a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy."

"Data-Driven Marketing Using Data To Drive Results"


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Discover What's Next in the Data-Driven Economy

Data has the power to change the way we see and shape the world around us. Learn how Teradata is helping data-driven companies innovate and build a better tomorrow.

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