The Big Data Analytics Landscape
 Trends, Innovations and New Business Value

Data is the key to your business. It’s what you use to make decisions. It’s what you use to gauge market trends and gain the competitive advantage.

But how do you cost-effectively harness and analyze new big data sources?
How does the role of a data scientist differ from other analytic professionals? And what skills does the data scientist need?
What are the differences between Hadoop, MapReduce, and a Data Discovery Platform?
How are these new sources of big data and analytic techniques and technology helping organizations find new truths and business opportunities?

In this program, Gartner Research Vice President Merv Adrian and Teradata Aster Co-President Tasso Argyros, answer those questions and more, including how to find the right solution for your organization - to make smarter decisions, take calculated risks, and gain deeper insights than your industry peers. 



Merv Adrian
Research VP
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Tasso Argyros
Teradata Aster
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