Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse: 

When to Use Which

In recent years, Apache™ Hadoop® has emerged from humble beginnings to disrupt the traditional disciplines of information management.

Diverse opinions and confusing messages can cause even seasoned practitioners to sometimes miss the point, claiming for example that Hadoop replaces relational databases and is becoming the new data warehouse. It is easy to see where these claims originate since both Hadoop and Teradata® systems run in parallel, scale up to enormous data volumes, and have shared-nothing architectures.

At a conceptual level, it is easy to think they are interchangeable, but the differences overwhelm the similarities. This webcast will shed light on the differences and help architects, engineering executives, and data scientists identify when to deploy Hadoop and when it is best to use MPP relational database in a data warehouse.

How to determine when to use Hadoop, and when to use an MPP Relational Database

Real world customer cases on big data applications from Silicon Valley

What to expect from Hadoop in the future, and what not to expect

Eric Baldeschwieler
(aka "E14")
CTO and Founder

Stephen Brobst
Chief Technology Officer

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