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In 2015, Forbes Insights, sponsored by Teradata in partnership with McKinsey, ran a global survey with 316 senior data and IT decision-makers in large organizations, across six industries, to better understand the big data landscape. The goal was to better understand what is working and where companies are struggling to make their big data initiatives a success. One thing is clear, big data initiatives are reshaping the world as we know it and leaders are pulling ahead of the pack. The opportunities to drive revenue, connect with customers and develop new products are all there for the taking.

Our research findings will address the following questions – and more:
- What are the most critical factors to drive fast adoption of big data analytics in any organization?
- What makes an organization a big data & analytics ‘Leader’?
- In what parts of the world are we seeing the greatest volume of leaders emerge?
- What are the best predictors of success to transform your business?
- What data types are the leaders relying on, and are they different across industries?
- To what degree does the right technology and talent impact success?
- How does one foster a culture that rewards use of data and integration?
- What types of investments are being made in big data & how does that compare to what leaders are doing?
- What are the biggest roadblocks organizations are seeing, and what appears to be the best way to build a business case to overcome these challenges?

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