Not Your Traditional Data Warehouse: A Focus on Innovation

The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and Teradata

Traditional data warehouses have been the backbone of corporate decision making for over three decades. With the emergence of Big Data and popular technologies like open-source Apache Hadoop, some analysts question the lifespan of the data warehouse and the future role it will play in enterprise information management. But it’s not practical to believe that emerging technologies provide a wholesale replacement of existing technologies and corporate investments in data management. Rather, a better approach is for new innovations and technologies to complement and build upon existing solutions.

Watch this episode of the Briefing Room to:

  • Hear Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor explain where tomorrow’s data warehouse fits in the information landscape
  • Hear how Teradata is evolving to meet the challenges presented by different types of data and applications
  • Learn about Teradata’s recently-announced Teradata Database 15 and Teradata QueryGrid, an analytics platform that enables data processing across the enterprise

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