Next-Generation Graph Analytics:
Putting the Network to Work

The world is more connected today than at any other point in human history. People, machines, and processes are bound together in a densely intertwined network of relationships and dependencies, with the variety and complexity of those relationships increasing at a previously unimaginable rate. It is imperative for today’s businesses, in every industry, to understand these connections—and to capitalize on them for long-term competitive advantage.

That level of insight is only possible with help from graph discovery, which augments content with context to analyze the interdependencies between entities in a network or a community. Yet considering the sheer size of many real-world networks, today’s graph engines must be able to manage the analysis of structures far larger than traditional systems might allow.

Read this paper to learn more about:

  • The importance of Graph Discovery
  • How to solve unique challenges with Graph Analytics
  • Why the Teradata® Aster® Discovery Platform now offers large-scale graph analytics


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