Teradata Bridges Data Warehousing to the Internet of Things
A Point-of-View by Dr. Barry Devlin, 9sight Consulting, on the inclusion of JSON data in the Teradata® Database

The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing a new and extensive data ecosystem of measures and events from every aspect of the physical world. This data is often characterized by a name-value pair structure, and is widely implemented using JSON (Java Script Object Notation).

A variety of use cases across all industries show that deep operational and predictive analytics is the foundation of all significant business and societal opportunities arising from IoT data. With the addition of JSON data support in the Teradata® Database, Teradata customers will have an ideal environment in which to pursue these opportunities.

Download this free report, If You Can’t Join Them, JSON Them, to learn:

  • What JSON is and why it’s vital to your organization
  • How the Teradata Database supports the new world of machine-generated data
  • The longer-term use and value of IoT data in the data warehouse

Welcoming JSON to the Data Warehouse

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