Putting the Data Lake to Work
A Guide to Best Practices

The concept of a data lake is emerging as a popular way to organise and build the next generation of systems to master new big data challenges of managing and exploiting new forms of data.  Before creating data lakes however, an understanding is needed.

This white paper poses and answers questions such as:

  • What is a data lake and why has it become so popular?
  • How does it help with the challenges posed by big data?
  • How will the data lake and the enterprise data warehouse be used together?
  • How can you get started on the journey of incorporating a data lake into your architecture?

Best practices are presented so you can understand how designing a data lake strategy can enhance and amplify existing investments and create new forms of business value. By creating a data lake and combining it with an enterprise data warehouse, a synergistic capability results that will deliver accelerating returns, allowing you to make the best use of ALL your data (whether from social media, clickstreams, blogs, machine data from sensors, etc.), and to do more with that data faster. This results in a new level of insight into your business that wasn’t possible before.


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