2016 AM Cloud AWS Landing Page


Teradata Database, the market’s leading data warehousing and analytic solution, is being made available for cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support production workloads. Customers will have the ability to deploy standalone on AWS or can complement both on-premises and Teradata Cloud environments.

Contact a Teradata SAS Analytics Expert


Our SAS experts have a vast wealth of knowledge that comes directly from working with SAS systems and interacting with our own dedicated SAS development team that is onsite at SAS day-in and day-out. Complete the form below to request a meeting with one of Teradata’s SAS Analytics Experts.

Cloud Azure Landing Page


Teradata Database Is Coming Soon to Microsoft Azure. The market’s leading data warehousing solution will soon be available for deployment on Microsoft Azure. Fill Out the Form to Get Early Notification of Product Availability. Global deployment is planned for Q4 2016.

A Revolutionary Approach to Advanced Analytics


Operating a successful business today without serious insight into business data is simply not an option. Discover how to solve the challenges of advanced analytics, and make a monumental shift in the way your data and analytics are processed and managed. All the business insights you need to make informed decisions.

Data Lakes: Beyond the Hype and Ready for the Enterprise


Data lakes have become a mainstream strategy for many enterprises over the past couple of years, with promises of greater flexibility in the way data is handled and made available to decision makers. In this article from DBTA, you will get to discover some best practices for successful implementation of a data lake.

Delivering Insights Beyond Silos


Many organizations want to increase their analytical strength to uncover new business insights. But, to make data science affordable and deployable across the business – from analysts to data scientists – other disciplines must be involved.

Data Warehouses Ascend to the Cloud


Should the data warehouse be deployed on the cloud? In “Data Warehouses Ascend to the Cloud”, Dan Vesset of IDC examines the opportunities and challenges of deploying data warehouse software in the cloud.

Developing a Data Strategy


Try as they might, many organizations cannot get their data strategy off the ground due to morale issues, cost overruns, a poor relationship between IT and the business, or even more serious issues. Is it poor planning or a matter of making some simple mistakes?

Five Steps to Success with Analytics in the Cloud


In “Analytics in the Cloud: Five Components for Success” you’ll discover that Teradata Cloud and Amazon Redshift each excel in various individual situations relating to price, workload, and time to implementation. However, in the goal of providing a scalable and effective cloud-based analytical environment, there are several critical considerations

Hadoop Appliances and Teradata


Do you want to spend a lot of time setting up and running a fancy new technical infrastructure or do you think your Hadoop environment will help to provide you with insights into your company and its customers?

How Hybrid Cloud Options Complement the On-Premises DW


In this case study by Constellation Research, we review how two companies add cloud data warehouse capacity to complement their on-premises data warehouse instances.

How to Harness the Value of Big Data Analytics


Most companies know how to collect, store, and analyze operational data, but multi-structured data types are often too variable and dynamic to be cost effectively captured in a traditional data schema using only SQL for analytics.

IoT: Getting Business Value from the Analytics of Things


In this study with seven corporations and a city, we see how data analytics can now be applied to integrated sensor data, extending beyond operational efficiency to new strategic opportunities. Getting business value from IoT technology depends on the Analytics of Things (AoT) – which is the integration, management, and analytics of IoT data required to distill business insights.

Migrating Big Data Analytics to the Cloud


A key takeaway from surveying over 300 software developers, systems architects, engineers, data scientists, and data analysts is that a company is more likely to expand use of big data analytics services if they have gained some experience using big data in the cloud already.

Teradata Analytics on AWS


Teradata Database on AWS combines Teradata’s industry-leading data warehouse software with the agility and flexibility of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Teradata Aster R


R is the fastest growing advanced analytics language with a vibrant community of data scientists, analysts and researchers numbering in the millions. However, the data and processing limitations associated with R pose real challenges.

The Rise of the Disruptive Data Warehouse


Yesterday’s data warehouses share little resemblance to the highly integrative, easy-to-use, intelligent and cost-effective “disruptive data warehouses” of today

CTO Roadshow


Der Event der Extraklasse rund um die Neuerungen von Teradata, um Datenbankarchitektur und –Design. Jetzt anmelden!

Data Science and Psycholinguistics for Profiling Documents of Interest


Text data is big data. Unlock insights and identify threats to public safety. With Teradata’s big data and analytics solutions you can collect, unify, and analyze text to identify potential or emerging threats to public safety.

Data Science and Psycholinguistics for Profiling Documents of Interest


Text data is big data. Unlock insights and identify threats to public safety. With Teradata’s big data and analytics solutions you can collect, unify, and analyze text to identify potential or emerging threats to public safety.

Securing the Business of Government: Protecting Personal Data


Securing the Business of Government: Protecting Personal Dat