Teradata in the Market Leaders category for technology and execution in the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Analytic Database 2013–14

Why is Teradata a leader?

"Teradata scores the highest among the group on high-performance analytics and deployment, and we believe it is one of the most innovative solutions on the market today, with a secure place among market leaders."


"Teradata also stands out due to its focus on unification of different data-processing engines within the Teradata family and due to its management, coordination, and routing of analytics to the right engine. With the help of its Unified Data Architecture (UDA) and SNAP Framework, Teradata can coordinate query processing between SQL, SQL-MR, and SQL-GR, and multiple data stores, such as row, column, and file store. At this point, no other analytics platform provider offers the same capability to manage queries across SQL and Hadoop/NoSQL engines."


At Teradata, we remain commited to helping our customers:

  • Solve their complex business problems
  • Gain an unfair competitive advantage
  • Acheive the fastest time to value
  • Drive pervasive adoption on all data



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