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Relationships Matter: The Business Value of Connection Analytics
by Dan Woods, CTO and Founder, CITO Research

Social media is all about connections. But so is literally almost everything else: families, teams, computers, products, and even plants and animals.

Now we’re finding ways to explore those connections and see what they can tell us. And they can tell us a lot: about the phone calls we make, the people committing fraud, the products to offer together, and more.

Of course we’ve always had connections, but we just didn’t have a good way to find the interesting connections that are lurking in our data. Now we do; it’s called connection analytics and it helps us find patterns in the way people and things of all types are related.

In this ebook, we’ve collected 10 cool patterns for using connection analytics:

1. Improve Profits Using Social Network Analysis in Telcos  
2. Would You Like Fries with That? Cross-Selling with Graph Analytics
3. Retention: The Best Hiring Strategy      
4. Breaking Up Fraud Rings with Graph Analysis    
5. 20/20 Vision for the Internet of Things     
6. Managing Cyber Threats with Graph Analytics    
7. Debunking the Claims: How Graph Analytics Uncovers Insurance Fraud
8. Free Goodies Inside: Finding Profitable Loss Leaders with Graph Analytics
9. Peak Productivity: How Graph Analytics Can Minimize Downtime 
10. How Graph Analytics Untangles the Messy World of Compliance

We hope you enjoy the buffet of ideas provided in this ebook and find inspiration in looking for connections in your own data. Fill out this short form to download the ebook.

About Dan Woods
Dan Woods is CTO and Founder of CITO Research. He has written more than 20 books about the strategic intersection of business and technology. Dan writes about data science, cloud computing, mobility, and IT management in articles, books, and blogs, as well as in his popular column on Forbes.com.

Relationships Matter: The Business Value of Connection Analytics

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